Life saving potential of DJI, & FLIR’s new cutting edge Camera.

Last Friday, DJI unveiled its new Zenmuse camera infused with LIDAR technology. The new tech was demonstrated at the headquarters of the Menlo Park fire department in California. Let me tell you, the possibilities are endless!

The dual vision camera outputs seperate streams: optimcal and thermal.
Tandemly those lenses enable the camera to capture heat signatures that are invisible to the naked eye, while also providing a 4K video feed for data capture and situational awareness.

Imagine being able to take off with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle securing topical/side views of the building, analyzing the integrity of the structure, while simultaneously clearly picking ALL emitting heat signatures inside (person or pets) all without endangering a single firefighter whose concentrated on finding the safest/fastest route possible to evacuate.

Christian Struwe, DJI’s European head of public policy, told Internet of Business that the company is proud to move beyond consumer photography into areas that are more socially useful. “Every day we see an increasing number of stories from around the world, of drones not only saving time and money, but more importantly peoples’ lives.

In fact, just last year DJI released the first-ever survey of lifesaving drone activities, finding that on average drones save almost one life per week.

Taking things further, I imagine one day being able to use Augmented Reality combined with this newly implemented technology: to create an interactive 3D map, with up to the second updates to all our Firefighters, Police, and First Team Responders.

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